About Us

Established a decade ago by an adventurous young woman with a passion for travel, Rush initially emerged as a dynamic and stylish pop-up store. Its inception was driven by the need to overcome the limited availability of access to emerging eco-oriented brands and the scarcity of options in the market.



Claire a dynamic Swiss entrepreneur hailing from the vibrant city of Geneva, is a beacon of innovation and forward thinking. With an inquisitive mind and an unwavering spirit, Claire's journey into entrepreneurship began with a dream to redefine the landscape of shopping.



Zane Al-Abadi, a pioneering entrepreneur from Jordan, leads the charge in sustainable ventures. Her eco-conscious startups, focused on renewable energy and ethical fashion, are driving positive change. Zane's dedication to sustainability sets a powerful example for a greener future.


Rush and Co

Rush and Co is committed to bridging the gap between fresh design perspectives and the global market. By providing a platform for young designers, we aim to revolutionize the industry and redefine the future of fashion and lifestyle.